A distributor of crop protection products (pesticides), seeds and fertilizers.

Portfolio of pesticide includes 38 products which covers any integrated system of crop protection for cereals, sunflower, sugar beets, rapeseed, potato, and other fruit and vegetable crops against diseases, insects and weeds.

Key point of modern agricultural production is varieties of systems for crop protection. Technical managers of company invented systems for any crop cultivated in Russia. Now NEOPORT LTD introdused a large project at Far East on soybean and in Kaliningrad on rapeseed. Also branch offices of company in Bashkortostan abd Belgorod region became significant players in supply of pesticides for local agroholdings.

For our customers we offer high-quality seeds from westerm seed breeding companies, which had showed high yielding in Russia for many seasons.

Due to high quality pf products and complete servise for use, NEOPORT LTD has a long-established contracts with major agricultural producers in regions like Central Black Soil Zone, Far East, Bashkortostan, Krasnodar and Stavropol regions.

To secure in-time logistics, company runs 2 warehouses Central Black Soil Zone (Belgorod) and Far East (Vladivostok). By customers requests, we provide automotive or railways deliveries with full integrated control during the whole path of delivery.

Manufacturing of our crop protection products is placed in the best-known producers of China. Quality of products is confirmed by multi-years experience of use in Russian and positive feedbacks from customers.

NEOPORT LTD has exclusive agreements with Russian registrants of pesticide and trade marks therefore we provide direct delivery from China and make full service for customs clearance at any border cross-point.

Our work is dedicated to customers and partners in order to satisfy their requests by high quality product and skilled service.

We are happy to fulfil any of your needs for crop protection products, seeds and fertilizers and help to increase your yield and profit.

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